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Varden Agro College  is a serial hands-on program for aspiring farmers farmers that equips them with tested and proven information that builds their entrepreneurial skills and help them build  sustainable Agricultural business.

Our goal is to help our students create sustainable farm businesses to feed their community and the world at large. Students at Varden Agro College will get a distinctive and comprehensive education by completing the three (3) modules which includes; Technical, Farm Management and Business of Agric. Students will be learning from expert farmers and educators in the classroom and on the field.

All participants who completed our Varden Agro College program will leave with ability to manage their farm effectively, succession crop plan for continuous harvest, maintain soil health with different methods, manage business expenses, and develop effective record keeping system and much more.

Varden Agro College not only offer you the access to right information but it also gives you an unparrelled advantage through practical knowledge that gets you result. You also have access to mentors in the agricultural industry who are doing massively well in business. They guide you and help you scale to your desired position.

Varden Agro College is not just an agricultural institute but an avenue for you to make a living from agriculture. Our plan is to take you from where you are to start earning by feeding over 200 million nigerians and more.

Through your affiliation with Varden Agro College, you do not have to worry about where to sell your agricultural produces to. We provide you all you need from right information and every other resources needed to take you from ground zero to the peak of agricultural industry.


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