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Olanrewaju Howells studied Mass Communications and is a certified member of the International Real Estate Management Institute with 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur. His interests span across Hospitality and Entertainment, Real Estate, Agriculture and Mass Media. He founded Rent Masters Realtors Ltd, pioneering online rental and home management services in 2010. In 2014, he went into agriculture and founded Varden Farms Scheme 1, and in 2016 Varden Farms and Resort, which pioneered the developing trend of commercial luxury Farm Houses in Nigeria. In 2015, Beyond Building Investment Limited, a premium real estate company was birthed with the aim of redefining Asset Management, Real Estate Investment Culture and Estate Development services.

He is a result driven, self-motivated and resourceful entrepreneur with a proven ability to develop, strengthen businesses and management teams in order to maximize company profitability and efficiency. His passion for developing products for the emerging generation in Africa and also closing the gap between the older entrepreneur and the younger ones remains one of his priorities.

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