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VARDEN RESORT{a subsidiary of Varden Farms Estate} is a major tourist destination that intends to offer its customers several services, all aimed at generating fun and relaxation. It’s located within the Varden Farms Estate, set atop on a hill overlooking a beautiful landscape.

VARDEN RESORT introduces a new concept of bringing together three different worlds in one exclusive space: a State of the art food production and processing company, a 21st century farm estate and luxury farm houses.

The luxurious apartments overlooking the valley and verdant landscapes offer a different experience to the respective occupants at every given time, which gives a splendid feeling of luxury and grandeur.

Sala bus stop, Varden Street, LCDA, Epe.


Our focus is on offering our guests value added services and as such differentiate ourselves by our unique modus operandi. We provide a memorable experience, where guests are valued, respected, delighted and truly appreciated. Stakeholders have the option of both owning and renting their apartments and this is a great way for the investment to yield returns to them.

Natural Environment

Children's Play area

Food Court

24hrs Security

Uninterrupted power supply

Lawn Tennis Court & Gym

Village Park / Natural Lake


Our vision is to be the preferred choice of rich and exquisite hospitality for guests and all stakeholders.

mission statement

We are committed in providing and delivering outstanding services to our guests, create unique memorable experiences for them and exceed their expectations.


Our goal is to ensure that we are one of the top three (3) resorts in Lagos State. We hope to achieve this by going through the extra mile of picking those that would best serve the purposes of our resort.

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