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VARDEN FARMS SCHEME was founded in 2014 and in 2016 VARDEN FARMS & RESORT was established, pioneering the developing trend of commercial luxury farm houses in Nigeria.

We leveraged on the on-going Agricultural Revolution in Nigeria, with emphasis on mechanized and complete ecosystem farming system, geared towards restoring the lost culture of agriculture, showcasing its enormous benefits to clients, investors and the world alike.

Agriculture is fast changing the face of Nigeria’s economy after the fall in the price of our crude oil in the international market. Thus, agriculture has evolved as an important venture that will certainly drive Nigeria’s economic growth in the next few years, if a proper value chain is developed, hence informing the conceptualization of the Farm Scheme.

VARDEN FARMS is a premium real estate investment for those seeking to generate revenue and enjoy the untouched serene tranquil haven, suitable for rest and rejuvenation in a peaceful natural ambience.


To meet the huge demand gaps and create wealth through agriculture.


To achieve our vision by producing different types of agricultural products and thus meeting the increasing demand for fresh organic farm produce while generating returns for our shareholders.


This scheme offers another opportunity to kick start mechanized farming ideas, with vast investment openings and excellent farm produce in the ever increasing market of Lagos state.


CUSTOMER FOCUS: Our customers lead the business. We believe in sharing success through strong, long-term relationships with our customers, investors and partners. We work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver a better experience far exceeding the capabilities of our competitors.

PERFORMANCE:  We keep our word by backing it up with action. We have a determination to make things happen and be the best at what we do. We’re passionate about delivering the highest quality service to our customers and investors.

INNOVATION: We’ve always strived to be different {a different approach to business, a different approach to customer service, a different attitude, a different culture}. We shall by our conduct, always uphold the sanctity of innovation.


VARDEN RESORT{a subsidiary of Varden Farms Estate} is a major tourist destination that intends to offer its customers several services, all aimed at generating fun and relaxation. It’s located within the Varden Farms Estate, set atop on a hill overlooking a beautiful landscape.

VARDEN RESORT introduces a new concept of bringing together three different worlds in one exclusive space: a State of the art food production and processing company, a 21st century farm estate and luxury farm houses.

The luxurious apartments overlooking the valley and verdant landscapes offer a different experience to the respective occupants at every given time, which gives a splendid feeling of luxury and grandeur.

Our focus is on offering our guests value added services and as such differentiate ourselves by our unique modus operandi.

We provide a memorable experience, where guests are valued, respected, delighted and truly appreciated. Stakeholders have the option of both owning and renting their apartments and this is a great way for the investment to yield returns to them.


To become a major tourist destination and a one stop shop for those looking for fun as well as relaxation in one single place for both locals and visitors alike. To meet the huge demand gaps and create wealth through agriculture and hospitality.


Varden Resort is dedicated to providing its guests with the highest quality of service and in so doing creates a memorable experience. We seek to deliver on our promise of value and quality above all else. We value our place in the community and will work to develop those relationships on one hand and to respect and protect our environment on the other.


Our goal is to ensure that we are one of the top three (3) resorts in Lagos State. We hope to achieve this by going through the extra mile of picking those that would best serve the purposes of our resort.

key features

  • Perfectly located in the heart of nature and tucked away in a serene environment.
  • Spellbinding surrounding of the impressive hills and greenery all around.
  • Children’s Play area
  • Food Court
  • CCTV
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Ample Parking with 24hours security
  • Centrally Air- Conditioned
  • Lawn Tennis Court & Gym
  • Village Park / Natural Lake


VARDEN FOODS {a subsidiary of Varden Farms& Resort} is an organic food company that specializes in growing vegetables, dairy and poultry. We produce, process and distribute high quality fresh farm produce for consumption in and around Lagos state.


VARDEN FOODS aims to be a one stop location for fresh, organic and quality vegetables, poultry, fruits and dairy in a hygienic and conducive environment at the best prices available.

mission statement

We are committed to providing QUALITY, HEALTHY, FRESH FOOD AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. We want to refute the common impression that consuming healthy, fresh food and maintaining a healthy diet is expensive.


To be one of the leading food processing company in Nigeria and subsequently Africa in a span of 5 years, by producing and processing nutritional and organic farm produce with an excellent customer service delivery regime.

business philosophy

We are passionate about seeking out opportunities, whereby a small amount of resources, time or effort can make a disproportionately large contribution. We particularly value efforts, with a ripple effect whereby one action sets off an entire cascade of responses creating an overall impact which can be really enormous.

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