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the Brand

King’s Forth is a premium real estate, which develops and markets extraordinary homes as well as matching sophisticated buyers with suitable properties in Lagos and Nigeria’s most exclusive neighborhoods. Our high-quality real estate brokerage represents the “best of the best,” and is dedicated to providing a full-service experience with every transaction. We fulfill your requirements, through our comprehensive understanding of the market and the wide range of properties that we manage.

Our vast and extensive knowledge of the Property Market enables us to identify and negotiate the best deals with developers while at the same time offering our clients the best prices and real estate options. We also offer sound advice to expatriates and locals in terms of luxury residential and commercial property. We cater to every requirement from individuals to companies. Our agency has the most respected and highly experienced property consultants which qualifies us as being capable of handling resale transactions and marketing brand new properties as well.

We have three target markets—Partners (businesses providing resources towards development efforts), Clients (business owners looking to buy/lease commercial property or need property management), and Investors (business individuals looking to buy commercial property as an investment opportunity).


King’s Forth aims to be the pillar of success and is unparalleled when it comes to the Real estate business. We are known not only for meeting, but also exceeding customer satisfaction and expectations. We are driven to succeed, empowering our diverse team of valued employees to hold great accountability towards our prized customers.

King’s Forth strives for excellence by providing the highest standards of service delivery, with an emphasis on personal touch, which is so vital to the client-centric relationship.


King’s Forth  is your personalized real estate firm. We have redefined business standards, through client focus and commitment to excellent service delivery.

We undergo each deal with integrity, thereby managing our clients through an effective and efficient customer care service platform, handled by highly trained and qualified professionals forming part of our esteemed team of dynamic staff.

services offered

bb-Luxury Estate Development

Luxury Estate Development

Property Management

Property Management

Mall Development

Mall Development

Project Marketing Service

Project Marketing Service

design options

At King’s Forth, we pride ourselves in creating the exclusive living standard for our clients. To achieve this, we have developed premium packages to choose from. The following properties are tailored for our clients:

  • 3 Bedroom Terrace
  • 4 Bedroom Duplex
  • 5 Bedroom Duplex with swimming pool

Kindly Contact us to have a comprehensive view and details of each mentioned choices.


3BED TERRACES - Floor Plan - Level 1

3BED TERRACES - Floor Plan - Level 2


4 BEDROOM - Floor Plan - Level 1

4 BEDROOM - Floor Plan - Level 2



5BED DUPLEX - Floor Plan - Level 1

5BED DUPLEX - Floor Plan - Level 2

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