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Varden Cooperative Agricultural Multipurpose Society Limited is your plug-in to the Varden Community. A registered cooperative society driven by the philosophy of building and nurturing a viable, enduring and secure community which promises a profitable return to our members. Plugging into the Varden community provides you revenues from 13.5% to 65% ROI in a trading tenure. You create wealth while increasing food production to meet the ever-rising need.


We are a Cooperative (VCAMS)

We are regulated by ministry of commerce, industries and cooperatives. We have strong governance structure and are Tax Free.

In addition, every of our premium investors get an automatic membership into the Farmers Club

This opens you up to opportunities in the Value Chain of Varden Farms and Resort

Return on Investment

Our interest rates are great and guaranteed, and generally higher than the prevailing average investment market. It is realistic and has been designed to accommodate the average Nigerians without fear of neither class nor status.

Risk Management and Total Assurance

We are very mindful of the security of our investors’ funds. In view of this, we have doubly insured all our investments, both crops, livestock and infrastructure  from all occurrences both natural or pre-meditated disaster. Our insurers are Nigeria Agriculture Insurance Corporation (NAIC) and Lead way Assurance Company Limited.

We are a Farm and Much More

Aside earning great and guaranteed ROI, You would have the opportunity to enjoy our tourist attractions, our Park and Resort and further more enroll in relojes replicas the Educational arm of our business that offers a wealth of knowledge to our business enthusiast and our Investors at large.



VISSA is class of investment, designed thrift where investors have opportunity the monthly contributions at interest rate of fake rolex between 13.5 to 20% per annum. A decision to roll over for another tenure attracts increased rate.


Trade Partnership is investment class designed for premium investors who beyond interest in agriculture will like participate in trade. Our definition of trading not built on buying and selling, but supply and demand. It is important to note that Varden Farms possesses a complete value chain; Production, Processing and Distribution, hence the need for scaling up our production in order to meet supplies seeing at demand is increasing exponentially on weekly bases both in season and out of season. This class of Investors enjoys a significant ROI per tenure.


Direct Investment is investment class designed for investors whose interest in agriculture, appeals from investment position, without direct involvement in replik klockor the day to day operations. The investment covers the entire value chain of Varden Farms and Resort. Investments in this category are in 2 tiers.


Step 1.    Complete and submit an investment form

Step 2.    Transfer your investment amount to a dedicated VCAMS account.

Step 3.   An investment account is opened in the name of the investor with a unique login details.

Step 4.    Login to your investment account with your unique login details on a link sent to you via email. Change your password and monitor the growth of your investment.

Step 5. An investment certificate is issued to the investor.

Step 6. Trade Partnership Agreement is executed between Varden Farms and Resort and the Investor. 

Step 7. The investor gets an insurance certificate covering the value of his/her investment.*

Note: Step 6 & 7 only applies to Trade Partnership investors.


1. What classes of investment are available the public?

We have three classes namely:

For further inquiries please visit

2. How long has your company been In existence

Varden Scheme commenced in 2014 and by 2016 Varden Farms and Resort was birthed.

3. Is my investment secured?

Investment is secured due to the following;

High demand and turnover of the invested farm produce.

Certificate of Investment Issued

MOU signed depending on the class of investment.

Insured by NAIC and Lead way Assurance

ROI Guaranteed.

4. Can my ROI be paid monthly?

No, ROI are paid 90 daily, 180 daily and 365daily depending on class of investment.

5. What is your business model?

We are 100% Organic and possess a complete value chain that complements the Group of companies.

6. Do you already have market for your products?

Yes, we have a large Market and also partnership with the direct market and corporate clients.

7. Can I liquidate my investment before maturity and what are the conditions?

Yes, but the investment should have at lasted 6months and above, A month notice given and the investor should be ready to forfeit 25% of his ROI.

8. How many investors do you have onboard now?

We have a substantial number of investors and still counting progressively.

9. Who are the stakeholders?

Everyone that has an interest in us is a stakeholder, and that includes you.

10. How do I get on board?

Fill our investment form with a copy of your passport photo and ID card and credit the cooperative account.

11. Can I come for farm tour?


12. Is my ROI guaranteed?

Yes, very stable.

13. What are the hidden charges?

No hidden charges

14. Any incentive if I bring a referral?


15. Do you train people that have interest in farming?

Yes, we do, once you indicate, you register with a fee.

16. What is your current portfolio size?

it’s progressive

17. What is the size of your farm

Our farm is over 350Acres

18. How can I access your farm produce?

Please visit to place your order.

19. How can I become a partner?

Being an investor automatically makes you a partner

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