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The state visit of 3 local government chairmen

The state visit of 3 local government chairmen in Lagos to Varden Farms and Resort. Eredo, Ejirin and Epe local government agro team were also present to inspect the ongoing project.

Technical Team from FG Agriculture
Varden Farmers' open day

Varden farmers’ open day was all shades of awesomeness as participants deliberated with key stakeholders to proffer lasting solutions to the challenges facing farming business.

We wish you were there but revel at the moment.

Varden Agro College Introductory Class

Varden Agro College introductory class held on November 29th 2019. Participants had a first hand insight into the information they will gain access to when Varden Agro College kickstart it’s full-blown classes in January 2020.

It was an insightful session for participants to listen to key players in the agricultural sector broke down the key things participants would wrestle with in their journey to building sustainable farm business.

From how to write a winning farm business plan, to effective farm management, to financial accounting in the agricultural sector, to the type of soils to plant on, the fastest plants to cultivate for good return on investment to how to manage their farms, participants had their bowls full.

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