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What is Varden Farms and Resort?

Varden Farms & Resort, is farming community located in Sala Village in Ejinrin Epe LCDA, about 5 minutes’ drive from the Epe Resort. The farm pioneered the developing trend in commercial luxury farm estate in Nigeria with emphasis on mechanized and complete ecosystem farming. Its plugin is Varden Farms & Resort Cooperative Agricultural Multipurpose Society Limited (Varden CAMS).

What is Varden Farms & Resort Cooperative Agricultural Multipurpose Society (Varden CAMS)?

Varden Farms & Resort Cooperative Agricultural Multipurpose Society (VCAMS), our Farm Club, is the cooperative society registered by Varden Farms & Resort.

What is behind the idea of Varden Farms and Resort?

We are a team of dedicated professionals who have a strong passion to partake in the transformation of the agricultural sector into one that drives income growth, accelerates achievement of food and nutritional security, generates employment (particularly improve youth underemployment) and transforms Nigeria into a leading player in global food markets  That is the ultimate goal of our farming community.

What is the experience of the management team of Varden Farms and Resort?

The team is made up of individuals with diverse knowledge and experience that includes agricultural economics, management, business strategy, marketing, microbiology, finance, accounting, communications and other relevant fields of endeavor, with combined experience of over 60 years.

Where can I learn more about Varden Farms and Resort?

You can get more information about Varden Farms and Resort, its product and service offerings, the investment opportunity, becoming a member of the Varden Community and other active platforms where you can interact with the members of the community from our website You can make enquiries by sending an email to You can also call 0700VARDEN, 09086555507 and 09086555508.

How do I join Varden Community?

You can visit our website, locate the link to the Varden Community webpage, and proceed to register your profile using your email address as username and creating a password which will be verified through your email address as provided.

How does the Agro-Coop Investment work?

Complete the account opening documentation, choose amongst the four available investment categories. You will earn return rates between  19.5% to 50%.

Since Varden Farm and Resort is not a financial institution, what insurance do I have for my investment? How secure is my investment?

A financial venture into the Agro-Coop investment represent a direct investment into Varden Farms & Resort Cooperative Agricultural Multipurpose Society (VCAMS), our cooperative society is registered and regulated by the Directorate of Cooperatives under the Lagos State Ministry of Commerce Industry and Cooperative including periodic rendition of information about the investment.

In addition to that, the farm is insured under a number of insurance policies with the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC), a federal government agency. Each investor interest is insured under a specific asset on the farm and is named as First Loss Payee in the insurance policy.

As part of the documentation of your investment, we will issue you a certificate of deposit and a legally executed Memorandum of Understanding.

The farm is professionally run by a team of experienced industry practitioners, we also engage on an ongoing basis a number of technical partners with specialized skills in various aspects of farming including crop and livestock including veterinary services to regularly inspect and treat the livestock.

How long does the farming cycle run for?

Varden Farms operates year round cycle because we produce a variety of crop and vegetables that are produced round the year. Your investment therefore can be scheduled year round. Consequently, you are guaranteed a continuous investment opportunity to invest any time of the year.

Is it possible to terminate my membership earlier than the agreed timeframe?

You can terminate your investment at any time irrespective of the period of investment or how long it has been running. However, 25% of the interest accrued to the current cycle of the investment will be deducted if the investment is terminated prematurely.

Can I visit the farm to see for myself what is on there?

Members of the VCAMS can schedule visits to the farm. You can call our office lines, visit the website or go through our mobile app to schedule a visit to the farm. Our visiting time schedules are available on the website.

Apart from visiting the farm, members can also specifically visit the Resort and Park located in another section of the farm which offers a variety of recreational facilities.

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