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Varden Consulting Limited is a private consulting firm focused on farm setup, product development, Agri-research, conferences and convention organization, and financial development projects in developing and transition countries.

VCL provides consultancy for the public and private sector.

We also provide our clients with comprehensive due diligence and hands-on support in evaluating opportunities across the risk spectrum across their business value chain.

We believe that our technical expertise combined with strong strategic partnerships and reliable networks in different developing and transition countries, serves our clients all over the world.

About Us

About Us

Varden Consulting Limited works with business owners, farmers, cooperatives, agrifood manufacturers, regional developers and local authorities to help them grow better businesses and navigate complex and changing environments in line with international regulations.

We help leading agricultural and food companies navigate opportunities and the uncertainties driven by changing global consumer demand, shifting agricultural trends, and digital disruptions.

VCL is committed to helping farmers produce the best result in the most standard possible.


To deliver sustainable and achievable business solutions to projects and sectors for global development.


Provides competent consulting services to support and develop agribusiness value chain, and businesses in general. sectoral development in cooperation with public and private sector in developing and transitioning states and countries.


Helping our clients maximize value and minimize risk.



VCL has extensive experience in assisting clients to address global concern, from stakeholders of small to medium domestic agribusinesses to large multinational organizations.

We provide bespoke solutions from ground-level, operational guidance to complex investment advice.

Our deep expertise across the private/ public sector enables us to quickly determine the key issues and react immediately to clients challenges.

Farm setup, Product development, Policy Advice, Value Chain Approach, Market research, Sampling Materials, Precision business solution through……………

VCL for you?

  • Are you using the most advanced technologies to gather critical data about your business?
  • Are you comfortable with the size of your agribusiness?
  • Are you making maximum profit from your product or manufacturing business?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, contact VCS today. We will show you how we can become your partner in profitability.