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Trusted Analysis for Every Segment of the Real Estate Housing Industry

Our experienced team of consultants thrive on helping our clients make great investment decisions. We are aware that your success is hinged on our ability to be prolific and this will surely guarantee your subsequent return for a similar engagement. It is informative that nearly 98% of respondents to our consulting customer survey, opined that they would be very willing or willing to refer us.

Strategy Development: Our diverse experience and broad exposure to business sectors and markets, implies that we can deliver valuable perspectives to help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them. We will work as an extension of your team to evaluate new deals or act as a sounding board for decisions.

Market Feasibility: We customize the level of analysis to your needs, from a quick first look to a thorough research report that includes our proprietary demand models.

Consumer Research: Our revealing consumer research programs, including surveys and focus groups, build the confidence needed to design the right community with the appropriate amenities and segmentation.

Community Segmentation: Based on years of research and refinement, our unique approach to home product segmentation, enables our clients to maximize their investment–often capturing millions of unrecognized dollars. Consumer research directly supports focused product development and sales efforts.

Demand Model by Life Stage and Price Point:  Our proprietary model reconciles home buyer household growth with sales velocity. This tool offers great insight into the household composition (young couples, empty nesters, etc.) of home buyers by home price range and what the future growth will be, so you can build accordingly.


Our experienced team of consultants thrives on helping our clients make great investment decisions. We know that when we get it right, you succeed—and will return to us for your next assignment.

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