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Our Story
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About Varden Farms

About Varden Farms

VARDEN FARMS SCHEME was founded in 2014 and in 2016 VARDEN FARMS & RESORT was established, pioneering the developing trend of commercial luxury farm houses in Nigeria.

We leveraged on the on-going Agricultural Revolution in Nigeria, with emphasis on mechanized and complete ecosystem farming system, geared towards restoring the lost culture of agriculture, showcasing its enormous benefits to clients, investors and the world alike.
We seek to give you the best relaxation experience that takes you o the toxic and rigorous stress the city in natural, serene environment that guaranties memorial view and utmost pleasure. Nothing beats a get away in nature’s purest form, that is why varden resort is the perfect place to be for your well-deserved relaxation.


To be the leading destination for luxury relaxation and rejuvenation while enjoying large market share in the cultivation and distribution of organic agricultural products.


To meet huge demand, bridge the gaps between production and value addition and create wealth through agriculture.


This scheme offers another opportunity to kick-start mechanized farming ideas with vast investment openings and excellent farm produce in the ever increasing market of Lagos state.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team
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