VARDEN RESORT is a major tourist destination offering fun and relaxation experiences. Introducing a new concept bringing together three different worlds in one exclusive space:

  • state of the art food production and processing company,
  • a 21st century farm estate
  • luxury farm houses

Our luxurious apartments offer scenic views of the valley and verdant landscapes, giving a splendid feeling of luxury and grandeur.

Appreciate the great value of organic agricultural products. In a world where food is increasingly chemically modified and synthetic, going organic is best for your health.

Soothing relaxation in a serene natural environment with the very best views of nature. Don’t miss nature at its purest.


Farm Consulting
Farms established


Owning a profitable farm has never been this easy. Using our design and operational methodology to consider all possible models for your farm setup, we walk you through key decisions relating to system design, farm layout, and ancillary activities.


Our experience in farm management is proven in the farming industry. We
achieve success for your farm by focusing on your individual agricultural objectives and needs and giving managing your operations to maximize your profits and help your farming business succeed and grow.


You don’t have to worry about the market for your products on harvest. We take charge of your harvest and ensure they get to the customers who need them, when they need them and how they need them.

Featured Courses

Featured Courses

Agri-internship program

Farm ownership program

Farm management program


Seed growth program

Varden Foods

Varden Foods

Varden Foods is an organic food company specialized in the processing and distribution of high-quality fresh farm produce for consumption in and around Nigeria. We are driven by the need to refute the common impression that consuming healthy, fresh food and maintaining a healthy diet is expensive. Our commitment to providing you quality at affordable prices, with the goal of being your leading food processing company, as engineered our excellent customer service delivery. We know the world has gotten so busy; with Varden you have flexibility.

Ease of shopping affordable products, order everything you need online and we will get them to your doorstep without hassle and in perfect condition. Think healthy, think Varden Foods.

 Lagos Farmers Covention 2021

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